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Hello to all Arrowhead Woods Property Owners and Prospective Property Owners:

Some of you may have seen a car or two driving around town with a poster stating “AWAC does not have authority to enforce CC&Rs, Permit’s is their scam!”  While AWAC committee members know who this individual is, his statement is incorrect. 

We would encourage any Arrowhead Woods Property Owner to research legal cases by accessing the County Website at openaccess.sb-court.org and you will find several court cases regarding the jurisdiction of AWAC.

This property owner did not succeed in his attempt to invalidate the CC&Rs, please see Case # CIVDS1400240.

We believe that this property owner is referencing a different property along Lakes Edge Rd., which over the course of many years evolved from residential to commercial usage.  In this instance, AWAC released the CC&Rs for some of these Lakes Edge Rd. properties due to their re-zoning as commercial.

While we appreciate the publicity this property owner is providing, please do not be misled by this message.  AWAC has the authority to enforce CC&Rs on properties within Arrowhead Woods, and AWAC has proven this time and again in a court of law.

AWAC was established and continues today for the perseveration of the Arrowhead Woods by implementing stricter building guidelines, healthy forestry practices, and other aesthetic guidelines to maintain our great community.

We encourage each of you to research this information on your own, follow permit procedures, and continue preserving this awesome community you call home.

AWAC Committee, July 2020

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